NAPO Commends Crack Down of Illegal Gambling

National Association of Police Organizations Commends Efforts to Give U.S. Law Enforcement Tools to Crack Down on Illegal Gambling, Protect Consumers The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) recently commended the efforts of FairPlayUSA to give U.S. law enforcement agencies the resources needed to crack down on illegal gambling operations and to protect children and […]

FairPlayUSA’s Judge Louis Freeh Statement on Black Friday Anniversary

MARKET FOR ILLEGAL AND UNREGULATED ONLINE GAMBLING STILL EXISTS, FEDERAL LEGISLATION NEEDED TO SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT EFFORTS WASHINGTON – On the anniversary of “Black Friday” Louis Freeh, former FBI Director and FairPlayUSA Advisory Board Member, released the following statement: “The shutdown of a few online gambling websites for laundering money and defrauding banks was a […]

Fraternal Order of Police Calls for Strong Regulatory Framework

In a letter addressed to Senator Reid, Speaker Boehner, Senator McConnell and Representative Pelosi the Fraternal Order of Police have called for a strong regulatory framework for online poker: “…Millions of Americans wager regularly on offshore Internet gambling sites beyond the reach of the Federal government. Today, there are no controls on Internet gambling to […]

Highly-decorated Former FBI Agent Joins FairPlayUSA Advisory Board

FairPlayUSA announced today that Jack Garcia, a highly-decorated former FBI agent with more than 25 years of investigations experience, has joined the coalition as a member of the Advisory Board. He joins a group that includes former federal judge and FBI Director Louis Freeh, former governor and first Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and […]

Video: Consumer and family cybersafety issues expert Parry Aftab’s testimony before Congress

Watch FairPlayUSA Advisory Board Member and consumer and family cybersafety issues expert Parry Aftab’s testimony before Congress. Then click the “Tweet” or “Like” button to spread the word to your friends: Urge them to stand with us and sign the FairPlayUSA online petition!

Testimony from Former FBI Director Louis Freeh on Internet Gaming

Testimony from Former FBI Director Louis Freeh submitted to Subcommittee Hearing: Internet Gaming: Is there a safe bet? The issue of illegal gambling and its impact on individuals, businesses and our country has been ubiquitous throughout the many different roles I have played in my career: working law school student, FBI agent, prosecutor, Federal judge, […]