Highly-decorated Former FBI Agent Joins FairPlayUSA Advisory Board

FairPlayUSA announced today that Jack Garcia, a highly-decorated former FBI agent with more than 25 years of investigations experience, has joined the coalition as a member of the Advisory Board. He joins a group that includes former federal judge and FBI Director Louis Freeh, former governor and first Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and child advocate and cyberlaw expert Parry Aftab.

“Jack further expands the exceptional group of law enforcement and advocacy experts advising FairPlayUSA about how to best address the growing problem of illegal Internet gambling and the need to pair enhanced law enforcement tools with a strict, transparent regulatory structure for online poker,” said Marisa McNee, Executive Director of FairPlayUSA. “We look forward to having him actively engaged in our education efforts.”

Garcia worked as an undercover FBI Agent in more than 100 operations, including infiltrating the Gambino crime family in New York for nearly three years – an investigation that resulted in the arrest and conviction of 39 mobsters, including top members of the family. His work also included investigations into political and law enforcement corruption, drug cartels, terrorism and national security cases. Jack currently serves as a guest speaker and lecturer at the FBI Academy.

“I’ve seen up close the role that illegal gambling plays in funding a whole host of other criminal activities and the power of the internet has given the problem global reach,” said Garcia. “I am very pleased to have the opportunity to relate my experiences and contribute to efforts to update the law to address the specific challenges law enforcement faces from illegal Internet gambling operations based offshore.”

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